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Aug 18, 2016 - PC

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Critic Reviews for Okhlos

As much as I enjoy the tone of Okhlos and its silly but well-informed take on Greek mythology, its repetitive format and simplistic gameplay hook aren't an engaging combination. I'd like to see every little goofy reference it has to offer, but the motivation to push through the grind just isn't there.

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To say that Okhlos is repetitive is largely true, but it's that repetitiveness that ultimately makes the game addictive.

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Okhlos is based on a simple concept with an even simpler gameplay mechanic that may very well be better suited for mobile devices, but that doesn’t stop it from being hilarious, dumb fun when it’s clicking.

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Okhlos is organised chaos at its best. The challenge level may provide moments of frustration, leading to multiple viewings of initial areas, but it’s easy to lose hours of time from the determination to send every God back to Olympus, where they belong.

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Even with some moments where the game feels a bit too frantic, damned if Okhlos isn't a ton of fun.

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Seriously, can somebody check on me because one of two things has happened – Either I’ve gone insane and these are just the ramblings of a mad man or I’ve finally found a game that lets me release all of that stored up violent, face rolling, nerdy man-rage from all of the rage-inducing games I’ve been playing recently. Thankfully it’s the latter of the two and the irony of it all is that I’ve have found solace in a game called Okhlos, a rogue-like indie “angry mob” strategy game. Okhlos is set in mythological ancient Greece, a land ruled by the all-powerful, take no crap, Gods of Olympus! One vile act of carnage leads to another and the gods do not seem to care for the well-being of the citizens of Greece...

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Okhlos is a comical and chaotic game with dashes of strategy, but it is mostly just complete madness and obliteration. It gives you a wild rush of excitement but can get a tad repetitive.

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Despite its flaws, Okhlos is still a blast. A game like this thrives in small bursts, and making this a rogue-like was the perfect way to present it. There are no blanket statements I can make about Okhlos except that it’s all about destruction. How you choose to play, haphazard or with more finesse is up to you. You may not sink a million hours into it, but there’s enough game here to make you feel satisfied and coming back every now and again.

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