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Available on:PlayStation 4Jul 12, 2016
PCNov 6, 2013
PlayStation VitaJul 12, 2016

Publisher: Plug In Digital

Genre: Platformer

Immerse yourself in this fascinating and unique experience to uncover the history and secrets of Fonts & Characters!

Incarnate 2 dots and travel through the ages of typographic styles and techniques. From the rock paintings of prehistoric times to Pixel art of the 2000’s, solve all the riddles by riding the most popular fonts and characters (Garamond, Helvetica, Times New Roman, Pixel, Comic Sans...) in a very captivating musical and visual environment.

Type:Rider is an adventure puzzle game that brings gaming experience to a whole new daring level.
Type:Rider - Launch Trailer | PS4, PSVita thumbnail

Type:Rider - Launch Trailer | PS4, PSVita

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7 / 10

Type:Rider is an enjoyable 2D experience through the history and advent of typography. By combining the haunting and dreary visuals with captivating and clever stage designs, this is a game worth checking out. While not a long game, it can be quickly completed while still providing quite a challenge in terms of puzzle solving. If learning about typography doesn't sound immediately interesting, Type:Rider has surely made it an amusing way to learn and there are some memorable stages that make replaying it for the time trials fun.

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Video Chums

8.2 / 10.0
Video Chums

The only other complaint I have is that it's all over pretty quickly but for such an inexpensive game, I suppose that's to be expected.

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Nate Kiernan

Type:Rider is far from a perfect game, maybe not even a good one, but it is a unique and interesting endeavor to give a little background on a subject I’d never have bothered to look into otherwise.

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