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Ocelot Society
Sep 14, 2016 - PC

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Critic Reviews for Event[0]

An imaginative, atmospheric, and cleverly designed sci-fi adventure that’s over far too quickly.

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There are plenty of games out there that you can beat, speed-run, and master. There are very few you can talk to. Don’t sleep on the opportunity.

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Event[0] was based off a student project, and sometimes, its roots as such are laid bare. But overall, I’m impressed with how the concept was fleshed out. Like other unique experiences, I hope other developers learn from its brushes with ingenuity. I’m also excited about some of the ethical discussions it could spark. It’s definitely worth a spin in zero-gravity to check this one out.

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A tense and atmospheric, albeit brief battle of wits with an AI system will provide you with a solid evening of interactive story entertainment.

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Event [0] is a fun and interesting exploration game. Its use of conversation to progress the story is one of the more unique things that I have seen in recent memory. It is a little short, but the ability to get a different ending lengthens the game. While the game does feel like it is missing something in its story, the overall experience is memorable and enjoyable.

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Event[0] is an interesting game with a very interesting concept. Think of it like HAL 9000, but much more limited in scope and threat.

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Event[0] has the length and teething pains of a tech demo, but tells a story to beautifully to overlook without good reason.

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Because of the keyboard game mechanic, Event employs a rather odd movement mechanic where you use the mouse to not only control your direction laterally but forwards and backwards as well.

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