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Transhuman Design
Oct 5, 2016 - PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5

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BUTCHER (Official Trailer) - Exterminate Humanity Now!

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Critic Reviews for Butcher

Butcher is a brutal action-platformer with an eye for clever level design and a commitment to excessive action.

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Butcher is a game that will mainly appeal to those who like hardcore shooters, where one wrong move can cost you progress. For others, that style of play could prove frustrating, especially when testing your platforming skills. Though it's built around the idea of being a relentless killing machine, that doesn't really feel fully realised with most enemies on a par with you when it comes to dealing damage. Butcher shows potential, but it doesn't reach it in its short campaign.

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Butcher is a triumphant ode to id Software's classic shooters, but still forges its own path. Just be careful not to slip on all the blood it spills.

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Butcher is a grotesque love-letter to older shooters with addictive gameplay, plenty of different difficulty settings and disturbing imagery. However, it doesn't have enough to offer as the content falls short leading to an incredibly unsatisfying conclusion.

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As it stands, I'd only consider buying this one if you have a monitor near your chair. And even then, you have much better options like Rogue Stormers and Crimsonland to choose from.

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If you're not or are looking for something with more substance, you may want to look elsewhere. Butcher is more for the players that want to turn off their brain for a little bit and just shoot some stuff, and you know what? It does a decent job with that.

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It's brief, chaotic, and hard as nails, but this is a glorious throwback that every fan of 90s shooters should pick up. Brutal and loud, BUTCHER makes for a suitable companion to last year's excellent DOOM reboot.

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The Butcher is Transhuman Design's grimy homage to the hardcore metal-shooters of the 90's

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