Twisted Fusion

Nov 3, 2016 - Wii U

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Twisted Fusion (Wii U) Action Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Twisted Fusion

Twisted Fusion misses its potential. The skeleton of a solid game is here, but it falls short in various regards and is plagued with issues. What fun you might have from searching for secrets and gaining new abilities is completely marred by tedious combat, a shaky camera and movement, a lack of navigational help, and overall boring gameplay. The variety of technical issues suggest that perhaps this game could have used some more time in development.If you really like action platformers and don't mind a game that's rough around the edges, this isn't the worst game on the eShop considering the price. However, most people should look elsewhere. Twisted Fusion's ultimate fate is that it feels incomplete, not plain awful, and that's sad considering its origins.

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Twisted Fusion is a game that demonstrates some potentially good ideas to be explored, such as its character development and competent gameplay concepts. Unfortunately all good ideas in the world can be overwhelmed by a poor execution, which is what happens in this game. Its mediocre visual environment, lack of precision in the platforming sections, uncorrected bugs and unplayable moments make this a game that only works on paper and which gives the impression that it has not been finished and fully revised before release.

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Talk Nintendo Podcast
5 / 10.0

All in all, Twisted Fusion is a good game with a solid structure that woefully lacks a lot of polish. A lot of fun can be had and a nice sense of adventure pervades the game, but sadly the whole thing is held back by the choppy camera, frame rate, and overall production quality.

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Twisted Fusion, to me, isn’t so much bad as it is simply unfinished and broken. I don’t hate the ideas put forth by Lewis Pugh: a Metroidvania with RPG elements is my kind of jam, plus I like that it has co-op… but it’s a dupe to anyone who buys Twisted Fusion thinking it’s finished.

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Overall Twisted Fusion is a very fun game with plenty to do. While the game is fun, there’s certainly room for improvement if Twisted Fusion 2 (perhaps for the Nintendo Switch) is currently in the works. I really liked the concept of the game, as well as the massive amount of content it has to offer. Just the monster raising/training/fighting portion of the game could be an entirely separate release!

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Folks, I have been a bad PSVG team member. I’ve been procrastinating on this review for quite some time. I cannot do that any longer for it is not fair to you, the reader. Forgive me of my sins and I will tell you a tale of a game, a game for the Wii U. That game my friends is Twisted Fusion and this is how our story unfolds…

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