Space Rift - Episode 1

Vibrant Core, bitComposer Interactive GmbH
Aug 2, 2016 - Meta Quest, HTC Vive

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Space Rift - Episode 1 Media

SPACE RIFT - Announcement Trailer | PS VR thumbnail

SPACE RIFT - Announcement Trailer | PS VR

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Critic Reviews for Space Rift - Episode 1

The initial concept of the Space Rift is original and compelling. However, the overall execution of the world is far below what have come to expect from most VR games. While the game does have some nice style and mechanics in the cockpit, the voice acting and artwork in the game make it an unpleasant and drab experience. Space Rift seems to be as devoid of life as the dried up Earth within it.

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Space Rift - Episode 1 is an ambitious space adventure title, but developer Vibrant Core falls short on the execution of their first game. Although relatively short, and lacking any reason to return, I did enjoy the mining aspect much more than the combat. The constant waves of enemies were more a nuisance, and I wish the game did away with the majority of combat encounters. Exploring derelict ships, salvaging abandoned equipment, and mining resources from ice-encrusted asteroids were much more enjoyable aspects of the game.

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Space-Rift – Episode 1 is a budget PSVR title at a not-so-budget price ($20 for a 3-hour experience). Despite a limited presentation, it introduces a clever way of using the PSVR helmet within a cockpit, one housed within an interesting sci-fi tale. Still, be prepared for an array of interaction quirks, likewise stale voiceovers. If there are subsequent Space Rift episodes, hopefully they’ll iron out Episode 1 issues.

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VR space exploring is an inspired concept, but a good game idea matters little if the gameplay doesn’t measure up, and Space Rift fails doubly as a VR experience due to its lackluster aesthetics and unrefined VR controls.

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