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Nov 30, 2016 - PC

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Critic Reviews for Townsmen

Townsmen is a good game that will keep strategy fans happy for a good while, but it's held back by some awkward controls and its basic aesthetic. Despite this, it gets a solid recommendation if you enjoy the genre and especially if you are itching for some town building on the train.

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Mindful Phill
70 / 100

Aligned with games like Animal Crossing, Townsmen VR aims to provide casual players with a relaxing and almost meditative experience. Its main value proposition is its immersive and exploratory nature, which can be a fun and satisfying adventure if you have the right expectations. The campaign story is simple but heartwarming, offering a comprehensive walkthrough of the game. If you're expecting a fast-paced, feature-rich RTS game, you'll be disappointed. However, if you're looking for a slow-paced but pleasant journey in a stunning, fully interactive, and immersive VR world, Townsmen VR should deliver a delightful and fun experience.

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An endearing sim for PSVR 2 that amuses with its tactile nature. It's fairly basic once you wade past the initial deluge of tutorials, but it's still got plenty in it to keep you building a burgeoning community of your own.

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Townsmen VR takes classic city-building mechanics and aptly converts them to the VR space, resulting in a well-made and delightful VR RTS/city-builder experience. Well designed interactions and smooth VR features make for a very fun and satisfying experience. Newcomers to the format might want to check this out just to see a different take on what VR can do well. An extremely entertaining, well-made delight that will eat hours off of your afternoon.

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Overall, I enjoyed my time with Townsmen. It is a fun game, a great time-waster, and it really made my brain work, which is always a plus. It looks and plays very well. I enjoyed getting my medieval game on and I am confident others will as well.  The complicated controls and learning curve may turn newer players off, but if you enjoy strategy games, you will have a good time building and maintaining your realm in Townsmen.

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Townsmen offered a decent medieval management experience on mobile and tablet, it's reiterated in this Switch version,

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I would say it is well worth the price you will pay. I have had fun with this game, and I think you will too.

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Townsmen does nearly everything right. It is the definition of an indie underdog that has a real chance to become something special next time the developers go to town.

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