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Infinity Runner

Wales Interactive
Jul 14, 2014 - PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Wii U, PC, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5

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Infinity Runner - Official Launch Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Infinity Runner

It tries to add something new with its story mode, but Infinity Runner isn't much more than a rote Temple Run clone.

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There isn't a lot to like here. Banal gameplay, cheap deaths, poor feedback, dull quick-time event combat, bad acting, worse writing, and an overall amateurish presentation. The most enjoyable part of this experience was venting to a colleague about how bad it is.

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Infinity Runner is a really good addition to the runner genre, and at a price of £4.99 offers decent value for money due to the re-playability factor. You can try and beat your own scores to ascend the leaderboards, as well as tackle the game challenges such as completing the story without dying on hard. Infinity Runner is a good looking game with solid sound work, and it is fun to play. The motion controls aren't the best and I wouldn't recommend using them, while the stuttering on the loading screens also needs addressing. If you're looking for a small game to play though, and like first person runners, then Infinity Runner could well be for you.

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'Infinity Runner' is a valiant attempt to bring endless runner gameplay to consoles, including a unique werewolves-in-space storyline, but it's gameplay is hit-or-miss.

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Infinity Runner does provide a few moments of intense fun. Unfortunately, those moments are broken up too often with gameplay choices that really bring the game (and the fun) to a screeching halt.

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By nature of its very premise, Infinity Runner is an addling game that ought not work. It succeeds far better than it should, however, and surprises in how fun it can be.

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It's the epitome of junk food gaming. Unfortunately, it doesn't have that hook to make it something addictive enough to come back to time and again.

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I had fun with the game in limited capacity, but overall every time I was getting into the grove, the lack of lives or just the boring story took me out of it. Granted there are a few other modes besides the story, including a true endless runner mode which I got the most fun out of, but it's ultimately a game that I wanted to enjoy more then I actually did.

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