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Feb 2, 2017 - Nintendo 3DS

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Lifespeed New Nintendo 3DS Launch Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Lifespeed

Futuristic racers were all the rage back when I was growing up in the 90s. Games like Wipeout, F-Zero, and Forsaken were popular titles, with fast machines in futuristic locales. The genre has even had a bit of a return with the Fast Racing series on the Wii U and soon to be Switch as well. LifeSpeed was an interesting title because it was built with the New 3DS in mind, and is exclusive to this version of the console. Does the risk pay off with a quality title?

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Lifespeed has the basics down, but more could've perhaps been done. We know making a game isn't easy these days, especially for smaller developers, but with the seemingly lengthy development cycle the game had, eight tracks seems like a bit of a limited offering when they're pretty much the most important feature. If some more time had been spent increasing the variety of locales to say, double, the game would've been quite recommendable; as it stands you've got good gameplay but a little bit less content than normally desirable. If you're happy replaying the available tracks, though, it's certainly worth consideration.

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LIfespeed is a well-made game that takes advantage of the New 3DS hardware, but the lack of content really hurts it in the long run.

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Lifespeed is a good game that I enjoy, but I recognize its shortcomings. I would like to see what Wee Man could do with a sequel, because there’s a solid core here.

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'Lifespeed' feels as rushed as its high-speed races, ultimately fading from memory as soon as the finish line is reached.

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In conclusion, LifeSpeed is a pretty boring racer, with a really short story mode, no multiplayer to speak of and some tracks that go on a lot longer than they really should. While the controls are solid despite the auto-acceleration, and there is satisfaction from narrowly winning a race thanks to a helpful bomb, the game didn’t hold my interest for very long, and the decision to make the leaderboards score based just baffle me.

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