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Robo Recall

Epic Games, Oculus
Mar 1, 2017 - Oculus Rift

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Critic Reviews for Robo Recall

Robo Recall is an excellent demonstration of what a VR shooter can be on Oculus Touch. Thanks to highly physical action and tons of options for smashing a bunch of great-looking robots with both magically replenishing guns and your bare hands, the three available maps feel like plenty.

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This is one of the funniest, zaniest games you can play in VR, thanks to its mixture of thrilling action and effective humor

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Robo Recall's few flaws just feed into the notion that I want more of it. I'm sure it cost a pretty penny for Epic to develop, and with the install base right now of VR, it may not even fully pay off. But if more deep-pocket developers are able to take risks like this and make more of these pushes, we might see VR hitting the mainstream yet.

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Packed with death bots and funny one-liners, this adrenaline-fueled, Oculus Touch-controlled arcade shooter for the age of VR is so much fun

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Well-executed action and native mod support shine in this great looking, if brief, shooter that is sometimes mired by repetition.

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Robo Recall is a right good time. With enough of that gamer humor to give you a smile. Just enough challenge on levels to keep it interesting.  I can suggest checking this game out because I still fire it up and play to this day. Truly Marvelous.

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There's no escaping that you're essentially playing arena-based score attack, but quite clearly a shit-ton of money and expertise has been gone into this, and it looks and feels some distance ahead of the VR shooter pack.

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