Waking the Glares - Chapters I and II

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Weak Man

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5.5 / 10.0
Mar 22, 2017

While it didn't hook me completely, with some refinement and a little more time this could be a really interesting title.

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2 / 10
Mar 31, 2017

Waking the Glares: Chapters I and II is a perfect example of how some use the term "indie" to excuse everything. It looks amateurish, it doesn't work as well as it should, its "gameplay" is heavily unpolished, and its story is "symbolic and means stuff," despite it leaving you with a big, irritating question mark above your head, but it's okay, because it's "indie." The truth? It's a bad, bad, bad video game.

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4 / 10
Apr 6, 2017

Waking the Glares is a game with a highly interesting lore premise brought down by an incredibly murky pacing and a repetitive objective flow that ultimately overshadows everything good the game has to offer.

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5.6 / 10.0
Mar 24, 2017

For the story's sake, it can be played, but beware of some annoying bugs and a stressful UI. We certainly hope that these problems will be fixed in the upcoming chapters.

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