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Headup Games, Fabraz
Apr 7, 2017 - PC

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Critic Reviews for Slime-san

In the absence of Meat Boy Slime-San stands unopposed, and excellent little bite of hyperactive platform action.

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Slime-san is a surprisingly refreshing twitch-based platformer that will put a smile on anyone's face. Its sharp controls mixed with brutal but balanced difficulty, as well as some well-done pixelated graphics, makes Slime-san a must buy for anyone looking for some platforming goodness.

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Slime-san is not only a fitting tribute to platform games of previous eras but is also a fun, well designed and well structured platformer that stands on its two legs, thanks to its overall layout, audiovisual component and to a varied content boosted by its very welcome lifespan.

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Unknown Author
6.5 / 10.0

With over 100 different levels to play through – including boss battles, skills challenges, hidden passages, an in-game arcade, and a variety of extras to unlock (cosmetics, arts, headgear, and characters), Slime-san boasts hours of gameplay for the hardcore completionist. If you like platformers with a high level of difficulty, have a high threshold for failure (spoilers: you’re going to do a lot of it) or are a sucker for catchy chiptunes, Slime-san is the game for you.

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Slime-San mimics what made titles such as Super Meat Boy so different, but despite being beautifully unique, it never reaches the same type of greatness.

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When Slime-san works as intended, it's an incredibly clever platformer, filled with endless challenges that constantly come up with new riffs on its themes.

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Slime-san is a fantastic platformer that fits perfectly on the Nintendo Switch. While some puzzles weren’t that great and the challenge could get a bit much at times, I mostly had a smile on my face or one of determination throughout my entire playthrough.

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Looking for a fast-paced, patience-testing, platforming challenge that may well make you want to throw your Nintendo Switch across the room in frustration? Then Slime-san is for you! Fans of Super Meat Boy and its ilk will be right at home with this addictive, excellently presented piece of gaming goodness that will have players tearing their hair out, but unable to put down until every drop of juice (or 'slime') has been squeezed out of it.

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