Emily is Away Too

Kyle Seeley
May 26, 2017 - PC

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Emily is Away Too - Launch Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Emily is Away Too

Emily is Away Too is a surprisingly poignant trip down memory lane.

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The low price of admission is also nice, since spending $5 is hardly what I'd call expensive. I don't know if I care for choose-your-own-adventure games (they, effectively, have no drama), but Emily is Away Too does enough right to make it easy to recommend.

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Like its predecessor, I'm unlikely ever to forget Emily is Away Too. What developer Kyle Seeley has created is a great reminder that excellent immersive storytelling is reliant on only two things: an unique idea, and the vision and passion to see that idea materialize.

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A wonderfully crafted narrative experience with a huge attention to detail, I can't recommend this enough.

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I take my hat off to developer Kyle Seeley for being able to create such a realistic-feeling experience from something so simple, but just one that made me very glad my teenage years are well and truly and thing of the past.

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An engrossing and incredibly nostalgic examination of the role instant messaging clients play in forging and maintaining relationships - both when they work, and when they don't. Play the predecessor first, then come back for more. And play it like you're 16 again.

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Emily is Away is a difficult game to detail, in that it doesn’t feel quite so much like a game, but rather an extreme-nostalgia-generating-pick-your-own-adventure box.

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For the price of a Starbucks coffee, you are getting an interesting story which may tug on your heart strings, the nostalgia hit is strong from the aesthetic of the MSN window, and multiple endings make replayability a factor too. I would still suggest you try out the first game before purchasing the sequel, just to see if you like the format, and if you do, then you’ll be set up for nicely for the second game.

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