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Platonic Partnership Ltd
Jun 2, 2017 - PC

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Critic Reviews for Lydia

Lydia is an important game, not just because it broaches an important subject matter, but for how it uses its art direction, music, and storytelling to highlight the issues it's bringing to our attention.

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It’s one of the most emotionally impactful games to grace the Switch since its launch nearly three years ago.

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A sad but moving piece that will make you think for far longer than the time it takes to experience it.

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Lydia is a small game, but it sends a bigger message that sometimes we need to step in and help the ones who can't speak for themselves. I highly recommend checking out this enthralling, interactive story about a little girl overcoming her giant "monster".

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Short, sweet, and to the point, Lydia makes for a memorable and engaging hour of gameplay. Its story of abuse will prove uncomfortable, but a restrained hand ensures audiences never have to confront anything too visceral through gameplay. There isn't much in the way of replayability, but a well told story, plus an excellent visual style make Lydia a worthwhile play-through for anyone looking for something emotionally dense.

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With this stimulating narrative, Lydia is a steady explorative adventure that will leave you speechless by the time you finish it. Its take on adult themes within a childish aesthetic feels familiar but it accomplishes enough to set it apart from other like-minded indie titles. It's a solid debut release by Platonic Partnership and leaves me intrigued to see what comes next from the Finnish studio.

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In general, Lydia is an interesting game with a well put together setting and an art style you probably won’t soon forget, but overall it’s just sort of a slightly underwhelming experience.

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Games, often have us talking about joy, about the things which made us feel like we’re having fun or experiencing something new. I don’t want you to get the wrong idea, the game at hand, Lydia, is something which feels new, and it is pushing the boundaries of games, in the best of ways. Because of the sensitive content it requires some resolve to get through, but it is a masterpiece. It's a powerful and beautiful game, one that leaves an everlasting impression.

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