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Fallen Legion: Sins Of An Empire

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Available on:PlayStation 4Jul 18, 2017
PlayStation 5Nov 12, 2020


Genre: RPG

Restore Glory To Your Empire. Fallen Legion: Sins of an Empire is an intense action role playing game where every battle is a heart-pounding fight and each gut-wrenching choice impacts the realm. Embark on a personal journey with Princess Cecille and an enigmatic talking grimoire to restore glory to your crumbling home. Explore gorgeous, hand drawn lands inhabited by rival soldiers and ferocious dragons. Fight enemy hordes with a team of living weapons and master devastating combo attacks to defeat challenging bosses with Fallen Legion’s deep combat system. Rule your empire between fierce battles, make difficult decisions, and witness the consequences of your choices. Will you blackmail a prince to gain a strength buff or tax a starving village to revive one of your characters?

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I kept thinking that Fallen Legion was a much more expensive game with just how it looked and sounded. The art and music are standouts, despite their modesty. Everything else would have greatly benefited from more polish, but there is great potential in these games. I cannot wait to see what the developers make next.

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Fallen Legion has a wealth of great ideas, but ultimately crumbles under its ambitions. A fun combat system helps form a strong core, but one that ultimately doesn't hold together for very long. The saving grace here is the beautiful artwork and smooth animations, which are complimented by some great music. Unfortunately, it's hard to recommend the game on those traits alone; Fallen Legion is interesting, and promising, but rarely enjoyable.

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Fallen Legion isn't a home run. The story is somewhat trite and undercooked, and most of the cast are little more than stereotypes, but there's an earnest charm to the game that's hard to overlook, and the brevity of the campaign actually works in its favour. The frenetic combat is undoubtedly repetitive, but it's occasionally thrilling, and the choice system is well implemented and thought provoking. This won't change the mind of anybody who generally avoids action role-playing games, but for fans of the genre, there's enough here to warrant recommending Fallen Legion as a bite-size adventure to tackle between bigger games.

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The combat… my god the combat. I can't imagine playing through the entire campaign with all that frantic button-smashing.

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