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Available on:PCAug 9, 2017

Developer: Scraping Bottom Games

Genres: Action, RPG

A reign of terror never feels so satisfying as when you leave a literal pile of rubble in your wake. Giving wizards a much-needed makeover, Fictorum is an action role-playing game that features fully-destructible structures, a randomized node-based world map, and a satisfying magic system with on-the-fly spell shaping and customization. In Fictorum, your mage wields real, legendary power right from the start—unlike those found in most magic-centric games. Our magic system uses a dynamic and intuitive spellcasting and shaping system that grants the player an unrivaled level of customization and reconfiguration. Up to three runes can be applied to a spell, each affecting a different spell characteristic. The runes are easily swapped to suit the player’s current need, interest, or whim. You might amplify ice blasts to freeze enemies in place, expand the radius of a fireball explosion to crumble a bridge and hinder pursuers, or chain a lightning attack together to strike several targets in a cluster. Shaping makes spellcasting much more tactical and satisfying. Rather than starting out as a hapless farm boy who stumbles into his powers and avoids enemies or entire areas until leveling up, players take on the role of an established wizarding badass, hell-bent on his mission for revenge. Yet challenge is abundant—the wizard must bring down a sprawling empire by himself, besting scores of bandits, cadres of Inquisitors, and hordes of corrupted abominations on his quest for vengeance. The protagonist has access to unlimited magical powers, making the game less about spamming that one spell that works passably well until it becomes upgradable. The experience is more about tailoring your magical arsenal, giving the player a wide range of freedom and the ability to effectively, efficiently, and enthusiastically destroy every obstacle. The randomly-generated world map features locations where every structure (from large buildings to bookshelves to tables to even a lone fork) can be demolished.

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Everything about this game is designed around casting these insane spells.

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The meat of Fictorum lies in the magic casting system and the game's ridiculously, dangerously fun physics. Blowing up buildings and bridges or sending enemies soaring into the sky is just an absolute treat. Throw in a fun story to follow along with on the map screen, and some crazy spells and the game can become quite enjoyable. The only huge concern I might have is the overall challenge of the game and how easy it can be to die. I've jumped onto house debris and managed to die before sliding off since the game interpreted it as me being hit by an object. It can get frustrating to die over and over, but thankfully the game experience is new each time.

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Fictorum is an ambitious game that certainly needs more time and polish to really give it a strong presence in any PC library. A lot of promise is found in the utilisation of spells and magic, but the combat against foes is a complete mess in many situations. The ability to destroy nearly any structure is always an exciting act, and the story, being the strongest aspect, is easy to follow and understand. After all, vengeance is a plate best served on a magical icebolt.

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Fictorum is not a great experience among RPG games that have a huge world to explore. Because the answer to the question: "Did the game entertain me after a day or not?" Is a plain, dry and soulless "yes"

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