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Tooth and Tail

Pocketwatch Games
Sep 12, 2017 - PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5

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Tooth And Tail Has Crossplay

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Tooth And Tail - Story Mode

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Critic Reviews for Tooth and Tail

Tooth and Tail is a deft and minimalist RTS that's slick as a knife through the ribs.

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Tooth and Tail is an elegantly simple RTS that's perfect for newcomers or anyone wanting to play on the couch.

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Tooth and Tail is an exhilarating, minimal RTS set during an animal Civil War in the 1910s. With plenty of gallows humor and a 16-bit Don Bluth aesthetic, it breathes new life into a tired genre.

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I can easily recommend Tooth and Tail for anyone who enjoys the genre, even if you don't care for multiplayer. The story mode is robust and greatly enjoyable, but the multiplayer still has all the bells and whistles that veterans expect by now like replays and post-match graphs. I hope that a strong community forms around Tooth and Tail because it has rekindled my love of RTS games.

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Tooth And Tail charts the midpoint between traditional RTS games and their massively popular mobile counterparts. It's quick and streamlined yet complex and deeply tactical when played competitively. Some fans of the genre will no doubt revel in customising their decks to devour their opponents, but others will find Pocketwatch's approach either too simplistic or not simplistic enough.

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Its humour and quick mission times make it an interesting prospect in a genre filled with far-too-serious stories and long, drawn-out missions; but the constantly babysitting your units drags it back from being anything truly special.

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A beautifully snappy RTS that boasts a great single-player campaign and an endlessly entertaining multiplayer mode, Tooth and Tail is essential for tactical newbies and veterans alike.

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It's rare for a game to sneak in under the radar and genuinely catch me off guard. Tooth and Tail is one of these infrequent pleasures that feel like discovering a diamond amongst the coal. This is a stellarly constructed and well-considered RTS that goes a long way towards showing how the genre can stand out, even without the aid of a keyboard and mouse. When also factoring in the approachability that the art style brings to the table and its shockingly deep well of unit types, it becomes obvious that this is the full package. So, lace up your boots and reach for the ammunition. It's high time to blow some drunken squirrels back to hell, where they belong. Fire away, soldier.

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