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Jupiter Corporation
Sep 28, 2017 - Nintendo Switch

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Critic Reviews for Picross S

A fantastic puzzle game that is almost perfect on the Nintendo Switch.

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Picross S A lazy version of Picross that offers nothing new compared to the 3DS versions, doesn't use the Switch properly, offers the same pictures in its two modes and offers very little with the multiplayer mode. Better go on 3DS.

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Picross S is the epitome of a one-trick pony, it knows exactly the kind of experience it's going to deliver and it does just that. Those of you that loved the Picross e games will find plenty to love here, as this is essentially just another 300 (well, 150) puzzles, now with local multiplayer support. Still, it all comes off as being a bit bland, while the absence of Micross and mission systems seen elsewhere makes Picross S feel like a lazy sequel. We give this a recommendation to fans of puzzle games, or anybody looking for a slower paced game for their Switch. Just don't go into this one expecting a comprehensive, ultimate entry in the series.

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The game's basis did not change and it's still Picross as everyone knows it but the lack of use of the touch screen and the absence of pointers when playing on a television screen could have made it a more pleasant experience. What makes Picross S more difficult to digest is the size of the game screen, which does not change compared to its predecessors, a decision that is unjustifiable.

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Picross S is a fully recommended title for anyone who doesn't own a Nintendo 3DS after some puzzling action to play on the go, which is the preferred way to play this type of game. Whilst lacking the superior touch controls of the 3DS versions, this one does add an array of great assist options and throws a multiplayer twist into the format. Compared to what the long-running Picross e games provide, though, offering just two modes and Mega Picross being slightly adjusted Picross puzzles is unfortunate. For the budget price, 300 puzzles is excellent value, especially if this is one of your first dabbles into the series, but there is no question that more could have been added here. If you have a 3DS, it would be better to stick to the Picross fun on that system.

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Picross S is a very solid, safe installment for the series. It captures the spirit and addictive nature of the concept, and it fits in nicely with the pick-up-and-play nature of the Switch. If you're craving a Picross experience on the Switch, or if you haven't tried the game before, this take on the series is a fantastic way to join in.

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On the whole, Picross S is exactly what it claims to be -- more Picross with a halfhearted jab at Switch-specific content.

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I’ve seen my fair share of Picross games over the years and even with hundreds of solved puzzles already under my belt, playing Picross S felt just as addicting as it did when I first started. Despite a lack of touchscreen controls and some questionable features, Jupiter’s latest entry in the series should still satisfy puzzle solvers hungry to get their Picross fix on Switch.

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