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Jun 21, 2017 - PlayStation 4, PC, PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch

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6 / 10.0

As it is currently, Chaos;Child did not make me feel under either a positive nor a negative delusion.

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The Chaos; series has remained one of the most iconic visual novel series for years, and with good reason - despite some dated visuals and slow pacing, both titles offer jaw-dropping stories full of winding twists and incredibly well developed characters. The pacing hiccups, length and obtuse ending requirements won't be for everyone, but if you're trying to explore the history of visual novels and want to play the biggest ones, you owe it to yourself to add this double pack to the list.

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Chaos;Child delivers a disturbing and engaging story that not only stands on it's own, but helps to expand the worlds of other parts of the Science Adventure Series. It's just a shame that it takes so long to experience that story, and that the choices you make to find every piece of info and characterization are weirdly designed. Chaos;Child isn't as good as Steins;Gate at the end of the day, but a more memorable cast of characters and a more distinctive art style would help future entries stand alongside Steins;Gate instead than behind it.

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And interesting adventure with lots of hours to think about its deep plot, unstable characters and a great environment.

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Chaos;Child is another fantastic entry in the Science Adventure series from MAGES and 5pb. that is a must play for visual novel fans.

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Wonky translations asid,e both Chaos;Head NoAH and Chaos;Child are filled with great characters, fantastic murder mystery whodunit stories and some twists that blew my mind. These games certainly won't be for everyone though. If you can stomach the disturbing subject matter of the games I highly recommend giving them a shot, especially if you are a fan of Steins;Gate or Robotics;Notes. It's finally great that the entire Science Adventure series is now available to play in preparation of the next game Anonymous;Code releasing next year.

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Chaos;Child is a great example of a visual novel done right. Its interesting and engaging storyline keeps you wanting more, with the characters lifting an already good game to another level. Some dynamics miss the mark slightly, but ultimately add to the bigger picture and widen the scope of the plot in general, so they're worth persevering with across multiple playthroughs.

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Chaos;Child is, by most metrics, a step up from its predecessor and has every right to stake a claim at being the best game in the Science Adventure series. There is a huge amount of content and it will take several dozen hours for players to get to the bottom of the return of the New Gen Madness case. Despite some small issues with the text's formatting, the story is compelling enough to keep most players invested through the long runtime. With solid characters and some genuinely surprising twists, fans of visual novels will want to get their hands on this one if they haven't played Chaos;Child before.

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