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Available on:PCOct 31, 2017

Developers: Charles University, Czech Academy of Sciences

Genre: Interactive Story

Attentat 1942 is a unique video game that tells the story of Nazi occupation from the perspective of those who experienced it firsthand. The game is built on dialogues with survivors, interactive comics, and authentic historical footage. You will speak to eyewitnesses, live their memories, and discover the untold story of your family.

You discover that your grandfather was arrested by the Gestapo shortly after the assassination of Reinhard Heydrich, ruler of the Nazi-occupied Czech Lands and leading architect of the Holocaust. You struggle to discover why your grandfather was arrested after the attack. What role did he play in the attack? Why didn’t he tell his family? Was he brave or reckless to endanger their lives by becoming a resistance fighter?

You will experience a range of styles and dialogue-based gameplay features. The game includes interactive comics, rare digitized film footage, challenging mini-games, and cinematic-style interviews that have been researched and written by a team of professional historians.

Dialog-based adventure game

Based on historical research and testimonies

Cinematic interviews with 8 different survivors

Interactive comics

Atmospheric and challenging mini-games

Authentic historical footage

Attentat 1942 was developed by Charles University and the Czech Academy of Sciences. It is the first game in the Czechoslovakia 38-89 project that covers different events from contemporary history. Attentat 1942 is a significantly enhanced version of the game “Československo 38-89: Atentát” that was released in Czech language in 2015. Revenues from the game are invested to continue research and science into the field.

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If like me, you have a love of history, Attentat 1942 will be a treasure not only for a fresh perspective on a widely reported period of time but also for the amount of work that you can see the developers put into making sure their story fit within the confines of history. It won't be a joyous or happy ride but in the end, it makes for an enlightening experience that uses the medium of gaming to educate in ways that only it can.

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IGN Spain

6 / 10.0
IGN Spain

An interesting documental-videogame in which we are going to learn a little bit more about the Czech Republic during the WWII Nazi Occupation. But forget about "playing" it.

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80 / 100

After completing the story, I felt like I had sat down to watch a movie rather than play a game but I got to control the pace if only a little.

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Critical Hit

8 / 10.0
Critical Hit

While it fails at being a game, Attentat 1942 succeeds at being an experience. It sacrifices all aspects of player choice and interactivity at the expense of delivering a compelling and interesting story. It can be praised for exploring an aspect and setting of a famous conflict that most games wouldn't touch on.

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