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Bush Hockey League

V7 Entertainment Inc.
Mar 28, 2017 - Xbox One, PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5

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Critic Reviews for Bush Hockey League

This game is best enjoyed in small doses with friends on a couch, which is not the ideal form of play anymore.

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Bush League Hockey got just about everything right except for the actual Hockey part, which is a shame because this is a charming arcade-style game but it's not something that I can see a lot of people wanting to play over long periods of time.

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Bush Hockey League is great fun — a reason to invite a friend over

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The fun and nostalgic creative choices of '70s ear Bush League Hockey aren't quite enough to make up for its clunky gameplay and bad AI. Its 4-player local multiplayer may appeal to hard-core hockey fans, but consider it a healthy scratch for everyone else.

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If you are looking for a fun sports party game (with an M rating), Bush Hockey League provides solid gameplay and some good laughs.

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While I haven't really played any hockey games in probably at least 20 years, back in the day I had a great time with some classics including the old-school EA Sports NHL series and going back even further to the terrific Blades of Steel...

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From the grind of a seemingly pointless Story, and the one off hits of an even more pointless Exhibition Game, you won’t find much to keep anyone other than the most ardent of hockey fans from going back  - and even then it’s never going to have much of an appeal over the NHL games that are out there. By all means give it a shot with a mate or two, but the repetition will soon win over the day.

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Fighting is a big part of Bush League Hockey but it is also undercooked. Punching doesn’t feel naturally responsive and although it’s got it’s charms it fails to hit the mark. Where the game does shine a little is when you play with friends. Grab a few mates round with a few beers and there is fun to be had for a few hours but the overall package is buggy, laggy and just not as much fun as it could and should have been.

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