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Available on:Nintendo SwitchDec 7, 2017
PCDec 6, 2017

Publisher: KEMCO

Genres: RPG, Strategy

Get the ability to summon and trap yōkai – numerous spirits that have been living hidden among us until now! Admire them, give them witty nicknames, and then put them in the brutal ever-changing dungeon to summon even more yōkai! Spooky cute graphics and powders made from various body parts included. FEATURES: Traditional roguelike with turn-based combat Challenging randomly-generated dungeons Spooky cute pixel art graphics Huge variety of playable characters, skills and amulets to collect

Yōdanji Reviews

Bite-sized but very tough to chew, Yōdanji is a devilishly tricky roguelike with a fun theme, addictive, goal-based gameplay and massive replay value. Its 21 unlockable characters are the key to the latter, with each yōkai essentially acting as its own unique class, and discovering and trying to master the mechanics of each monster is pure old-school joy. Its anachronistic presentation won't be for everyone, and clunky controls make for a sometimes confusing crawl, but anyone looking for a tough-as-nails good time with plenty of personality will get more than their money's worth here.

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Yōdanji is eminently playable, and perfect for short bursts in between more meaty games.

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While there certainly will be a market of people that will enjoy Yodanji I think that selection of people will be fairly narrow.

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Yodanji manages to take Japanese Folklore monsters and turn them into a dull turn-based rogue-like. The random nature of the game completely undermines any interesting ideas and, unfortunately, the whole experience ends up falling a little flat as a result.

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