Woodle Tree Adventures Deluxe

Chubby Pixel
Dec 23, 2017 - Nintendo Switch

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5 / 10
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6 / 10
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Woodle Tree Adventures Deluxe - Nintendo Switch Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Woodle Tree Adventures Deluxe

Even with extra content and performance enhancements, a frustratingly limited camera and lack of variety reduce Woodle to a cheap and cheerful but flawed and basic 3D jump and collect-athon. While its cute and whimsical charm and uncomplicated nature make it suitable and accessible to younger audiences, there are still plenty of contemporaries on the eShop that are more accomplished and polished. While adequate considering its price, it's nonetheless an idyllic yet simple little game.

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It's pitched as “refreshing and peaceful,” but the one hit fails, broken checkpoints, and rough camera, are more likely to agitate than anything. However, I am curious about the sequel, which sounds more promising.

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Woodle Tree Adventures Deluxe is not one of those extremely broken, still-in-alpha kind of indie games, but it's definitely a surprisingly low effort one. Those looking for a very cheap 3D platformer should probably look elsewhere... and not wait on its sequel.

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Woodle Tree Adventures is a mess – an altogether stress-inducing experience that I wouldn’t wish upon anyone. I only hope the sequel proves to be a better experience.

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The editor made me give 0.5 instead of actual zero. "What if there is worse in the future?" You can tell he hasn't played this....

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Woodle Tree Adventures has potential but fails to ever realise any of it. The paint-by-numbers approach that has been taken to make this 3D platformer results in a game that feels more like a proof of concept or prototype rather than something that you would happily pay for. The greatest insult is that it had promised to “take you back to the good old days” when we were running around collecting Jigsaw Pieces in Banjo-Kazooie and Power Stars in Super Mario 64. And that couldn’t be further from the truth.

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Woodle Tree Adventures Deluxe is an interesting game. The developers behind the game, Fabio Ferrara and Chubby Pixel, make a point to state on Steam that the game is “meant to be played by adults and children and to bring happiness to all souls.” Their goal with this game was for people to enjoy their time playing it and just relax. With that being said, it would seem the developer’s goal was met, but doesn’t feel like enough to make a good, more worthwhile game.

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