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Assault Gunners: HD Edition

Marvelous, SHADE Inc.
Mar 20, 2018 - PlayStation 4, PC, PlayStation 5

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Critic Reviews for Assault Gunners: HD Edition

There's little to get here that you can't get from a mobile game, except you wouldn't sit in front of a 55-inch screen to play something like Temple Run. Assault Gunners HD Edition doesn't benefit from being on PS4 at all; if anything, it's worse off. With little to no depth or nuance, Assault Gunners HD Edition is a mindless action game that offers very little in return for your dedicated time in front of the TV.

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Assault Gunner HD manages to make mech-based combat boring and lifeless but may appeal to diehard mech fans just looking to destroy robots. A 2012 Japanese import that translated poorly from Vita to PS4.

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Nothing about the game feels tense or challenging, and completing missions within a minute makes it sadly forgettable.

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Assault Gunner HD Edition is (at the time of writing) the very best mech game available on the Switch. It provides more than enough bang for your buck but sadly doesn't do it in the spectacular fashion one would expect when controlling a gigantic robot. We still heartfully recommend this to mech game lovers out there, but other players will simply not be converted to the genre by this one. The wait for the definitive mecha Switch game continues, and hopefully, DAEMON X MACHINA will fill that gap.

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I don't want to slam Assault Gunners too much, as I'm sure a lot of time and love went into its creation, and the game may certainly be someone's jam. Yet this is just one mecha-anime dream I want no part in.

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A mobile-esque, generic, repetitive, and mind-numbingly easy shooter, with subpar audio-visuals, Assault Gunners HD Edition is a waste of time and money, even for the most passionate of Mech fans.

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Assault Gunners HD is a port of an, almost decade-old, forgettable mobile game which started its life on the PS Vita... and it shows. There's literally no reason to try it out, unless really, really, really into mechs.

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Much like a relic from a forgotten age, Assault Gunners HD Edition struggles to find its place in today's gaming landscape.

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