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Guns of Icarus Alliance

Muse Games
Mar 31, 2017 - PlayStation 4, PC, PlayStation 5

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Guns of Icarus Alliance PS4 Release Trailer

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Guns of Icarus Alliance Release Trailer

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Alliance Prototype Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Guns of Icarus Alliance

There just needs to be more below the surface to keep a game like Guns of Icarus Alliance engaging. For now, though, it's another example of a game with a great idea that flew too close to the sun.

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Guns of Icarus Alliance brings a cool Steampunk vibe to a flying armada of ships, but a steep learning curve, and a lack of meaningful explanations of systems means the fun takes a while to come through.

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Overall, Guns of Icarus Alliance works as a competitive multiplayer game still. It offers a unique steampunk setting with ship battles that are highly intensive and a lot of fun when you get a good lobby of people together. But with an annual player count of 80 to 200 players, newcomers should be prepared to prep themselves with tutorials and PVE content. With performance issues on the PS4, in particular, it's hard to recommend this game on the console, but if you've been looking for a cooperative game to check out with some friends this might be the one for you. Guns of Icarus Alliance is available now on PS4 and PC with well-implemented cross-play between the two.

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Guns of Icarus Alliance will appeal to those who love working on teams. A good selection of ammunition and ability modifiers can help to craft a personalized loadout, even if the class selection of players feels limited. While the presentation is a bit generic, it will please steampunk fans. A metagame that runs constantly helps to make even a small match feel like part of something bigger. Still, a small selection of character classes makes one wonder what else could be done with the fantastic idea of battleships in the air, and an already small player population might mean there won't be many battles in just a few months' time. At just $14.99 USD, however, Guns of Icarus Alliance is recommended for those who want a different kind of co-op experience.

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Overall, Guns of Icarus: Alliance is a steampunk entry into the battle royale gauntlet that has some seriously stiff competition and while it brings a unique spin to the genre, there's not enough to make it a real threat to the genre.

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It's got some decent parts to it and the meta game can add another layer to the factions, just remember that for all the intelligent things it does, there will be some frustrations to go along with it.

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Guns of Icarus Alliance is a bold new addition to the PlayStation multiplayer roster. If you're in the mood to invest some time in becoming the best of the best as a team, there is much airborne fun to be had on board your shiny steampunk airship.

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Guns of Icarus is the kind of game you might fall in love with if you go in with a team of pals, but if you go in alone you might spend a bit too much time waiting for other players and dealing with AI to be too besotted. It's a game that has so much potential, but will likely need a much wider playerbase to reach that point.

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