Groove Coaster

Jul 16, 2018 - PC

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Groove Coaster for Steam Trailer

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Space Invaders Extreme & Groove Coaster for Steam - Teaser

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Critic Reviews for Groove Coaster

The PC version's main problem is that it's a straight port. They needed to change something in order to optimize the screen and controls for the hardware.

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Aside from a few minor grievances, this port of Groove Coaster is more than suitable for fans of rhythm and music games. The included songs are all great and will definitely put up a stiff challenge. As for the user-interface, it's minimalistic and easy to navigate. The support for various control schemes is really appreciated. Given enough time and dedication, players will find a style that works for them. The Non-Stop Mix mode is a really fun addition, as well.

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Groove Coaster on Steam may just need a little more time to come into its own.

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Groove Coaster, to me, isn't a game about precision and perfection, like most rhythm games. It's a game about letting your senses get overwhelmed, and enjoying the music through sight and touch as much as by hearing it; the "game" is just one means of bringing that about. More than anything else, Groove Coaster is a game about losing yourself in the music, and that's something it achieves perfectly.

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Regardless of platform, Groove Coaster is an interesting rhythm game. Although it has leaderboards to please the more competitive types, the game is really about experiencing the songs as a visual ride. Correct inputs act as the mechanism to make the ride more audibly pleasant. The controls work well enough, but the amount of songs available is dwarfed by those in the mobile release. The need to replay all of the songs on all of the difficulty levels can feel tedious. The PC version may not be the best one, but it's still a good port of a fresh rhythm title.

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Groove Coaster is a lot of fun, but the Steam version's song list lacks the massive variety and replay value seen in the arcade or even the mobile versions. The core game is still an enjoyable experience, but until all the DLC is out, enjoying Groove Coaster to the fullest could be a very costly endeavor.

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Groove Coaster for Steam lives up to its name, and its roller coaster-like take on rhythm gaming is still entertaining. Anyone itching for a rhythm game on Steam will undoubtedly be entertained.

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