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Wayward Manor

Jul 15, 2014 - PC

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Neil Gaiman's Wayward Manor Teaser

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Critic Reviews for Wayward Manor

There's something worthwhile here, even if it's the unusual power fantasy of being able to haunt an aristocratic family from the safety of the rafters.

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A promising concept but dismal execution on just about every level.

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There's a kernel of an interesting idea here but it's so grossly underdeveloped that not even the involvement of Neil Gaiman, and a respected developer, can save it.

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You'll enjoy turning this game off more than you enjoy any aspect of its gameplay

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A host of glitches keep Wayward Manor feeling anything but welcoming.

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The game was meant to put players into a spooky kind of mindset, but everything about it is just frightfully boring. The Manor wants all living inhabitants out? Thanks, house; I'll show myself the door.

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Wayward Manor is a puzzle game created in collaboration between The Odd Gentleman and Neil Gaiman. That alone is enough to catch some interest, but whatever charm the game has quickly wears thin. 

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I am still confused how the combination of The Odd Gentlemen and Neil Gaiman, two things that are excellent on their own, would up generating this monstrosity. It would be like if Steven Spielberg and Daniel Day-Lewis committed to a film and then it turned out that film was Sharknado Versus Mothra: New Moon.

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