Tiny Hands Adventure

Blue Sunset Games, Funware
Aug 10, 2018 - PC

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Tiny Hands Adventure Official Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Tiny Hands Adventure

Tiny Hands Adventure feels like it's trying to hard to be the next Crash Bandicoot, but pads its experience out with poorly designed levels, bad camera angles, and perhaps too much copy and pasting from other franchises. The mascot platformer may be a fun game if you give it the chance, but it's a more risky choice with other remastered classics readily available.

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All told, Tiny Hands Adventure manages to provide an okay platforming experience, but not one that we'd particularly recommend you jump for. The current price puts it in the same ballpark as plenty of other much more polished platformers on the eShop, and considering the forgettable presentation and uneven level design, there's not much here that's worth your time. You could do much worse than Tiny Hands Adventure, but you could also do much, much better - especially on Switch.

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Tiny Hands Adventure practically mimics the Crash Bandicoot franchise, but instead of playing as a bandicoot, you take control of an adorable and young T-Rex. Though Borti's journey to better his life with enhanced arms is quite touching and some stages show originality, the awkward controls make the experience more frustrating than entertaining.

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Tiny Hands Adventure simply has too many execution issues to recommend, especially at its $16.99 regular price. While collectables, which unlock hard level variants, can extend your play time, the level of quality doesn't instill the desire to revisit already completed areas. Hopefully, Blue Sunset Games has something more polished planned for their next Switch release.

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With a light hearted presentation for children of all ages, well rendered graphics on both the PC and Switch versions, and a few rockin' audio tracks that don't get bothersome after repeatedly hearing them,

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7 / 10

In the end, Tiny Hands Adventure is a bright and colorful game with a nice art style and solid 3D graphics that look great on the TV and on the Nintendo Switch's screen when playing in portable or tabletop mode. It pays homage to the Crash Bandicoot series, and it also has a dash of Metroidvania by having sections that you won't be able to access without the proper tools for the job. I had fun playing the game but, as I mentioned before, the difficulty spike in some sections might not sit well with younger players who take the game for a spin.

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It’s a 3D platformer that takes inspiration from the classics in the genre but doesn’t demonstrate an understanding of what made them so fun. Littered with design issues, a few technical hiccups and a narrative which is laughable (even to my 7 year old), it’s hard to recommend this game when it’s a shade of the games it attempts to emulate.

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