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Available on:PCAug 14, 2018

Developer: Big Evil Corporation

TANGLEWOOD is a brand new and original puzzle-platforming game originally released for the SEGA Mega Drive and Genesis, coming soon to Windows, Mac, Linux, Everdrive, and your favourite Mega Drive emulators. A true 16-bit, challenging platforming experience that will make fans of the golden gaming era feel warm and fuzzy. Set in a fictional world, the game follows a young creature, Nymn, who is separated from home after the twin suns set. Unable to get back to safety, Nymn must find a way to survive the night terrors and make it to morning. TANGLEWOOD’s world is a dangerous one after dark, and Nymn must use skills of evasion, special abilities, traps and trickery to defeat predators. TANGLEWOOD is programmed in pure 68000 assembly language, using original development tools and processes from the 1990s. FEATURES: A real 16-bit game, created for and playable on genuine SEGA consoles Mixes fast-paced 2D platforming action with puzzles, special abilities, tricks and traps 28 challenging levels spanning 8 story chapters Lovingly crafted characters and fluid animations Original soundtrack by freezedream, authored specially for the Mega Drive's sound processors Time of day cycle, influencing the types of enemies encountered Collectables, achievements and secrets

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Tanglewood presents you with a beautiful world to platform and puzzle through, and delivers a potent rush of nostalgia, but it's merit is tied inseparably to its hardware, and risks gimmickry.

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Developed with genuine Sega Genesis tools, Tanglewood is the epitome of retro throwbacks. Outside of that novelty, Tanglewood succeeds through its intuitive puzzle design, constant drip of new mechanics, and varied locations. While the general lack of music and slow introduction do detract from the game, the sum of its parts is a genuinely great 2D platformer worthy of your time.

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Tanglewood is a solid game that shows there is still life in a video game era long since forgotten. I highly recommend it, if not just for the puzzles and visuals. It's a well-made game.

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Not only a curiosity with it's Mega Drive release, Tanglewood is also a solid and challenging platformer in its own right

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