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Depth of Extinction

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Game Information

Available on:PCSep 27, 2018

Developer: HB Studios

Genres: RPG, Strategy

In a world rife with violence, rumors of killer machines have spread far and wide. As a number of factions emerge – violently vying for power – you become the sole defender of humanity’s last standing government. Only you can create the ultimate squad and save humanity!

Explore an emergent storyline filled with random encounters and turn-based tactical battles as you traverse an underwater world. With just yourself and your soldiers facing an unknown enemy, gear up and prepare to engage in combat at any any given moment – uncovering the deep storyline one battle at a time. Choose from 10 different classes, each with their own unique skill set, and give your soldiers a choice of more than 150 different weapons and armor to strike back at the enemy.

A word of warning, though: Depth of Extinction is not forgiving – and death is permanent.

Gather your troops and take part in intense turn-based tactical battles on humankind’s last stand against the unknown!

Emergent storyline on randomly generated maps with random encounters

Unlock 8 unique character classes

Outfit your team with 115 different weapons, armor, and items

Fight 25 unique enemies from 5 factions


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68 / 100

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Depth of Extinction is a fun throwback to old-school tactical RPGs like X-COM and Wasteland -- even it it's ultimately held back from glory by a few missed opportunities.

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Geeks Under Grace

Andrew Borck
7 / 10.0
Geeks Under Grace

As long as the pixels and difficulty level don't deter you, Depth of Extinction is a solid game that rewards tactics and squad play.

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