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Marble It Up! LLC
Sep 29, 2018 - Nintendo Switch

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Marble It Up! - Nintendo Switch Launch Trailer (North America)

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Critic Reviews for Marble It Up!

If you have been waiting for something approaching a new Super Monkey Ball, or just want a pretty direct translation of the Marble Madness formula, Marble It Up! has you covered. Just don't expect a lot from it and you will probably be very satisfied.

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Marble It Up is a cool racing platformer that lives in the realm of games like Super Monkey Ball. The controls are quick to learn and the gameplay is simple yet satisfying. The visuals and level designs are wonderful and no two levels look the same. Unfortunately the game doesn't take long to beat, but it's still worth the ride.

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There's plenty to like about Marble It Up! in its current form, but if you're not a diehard fan of the genre, it may be worth waiting for a sale due to how short Marble It Up! feels. It's absolutely a well-crafted experience that looks, sounds, and plays great. It's just a little frustrating to see another indie game on the Switch eShop that feels a little light on content, especially with its price point.

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Marble it Up is an enjoyable game, but the short length might turn some people off, especially for its twenty dollar price point.  If you're someone who is constantly trying to better their times in games with time trials, or you're a completionist that just has to unlock everything, Marble it Up will definitely keep you busy trying to find new and interesting ways to finish each stage as fast as possible.  Otherwise, the minimal content might turn some off for now, enjoyable as the current amount of content might be.

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Marble It Up! is an example of a good, fun game that is based on quick, simple experiences and enjoyable gameplay mechanics, as well as on constantly improving one's performance. Yet and while Marble It Up! will certainly appeal to players who enjoy returning to the same level to improve their rank, players who have more simple experiences will find the emphasis on repetition to be too tiresome and the game's appeal will end up producing different results in different audiences.

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Putting its minor issues aside, Marble It Up! has proven to be a fun little gem.

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Marble It Up offers some polished entertainment, but it feels incomplete to me. It's often frustrating, not just from uneven difficulty, but from unrealized potential. It needs more to justify its $19.99 price tag. The fun is fleeting.

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Marble It Up! is a marble-lous game.

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