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Daedalic Entertainment, Fishcow Studio
Dec 6, 2013 - PC

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Critic Reviews for Gomo

Gomo has heart, but its brevity and lack of challenge keep it from being worth your while.

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Overall the challenge level is geared towards younger gamers; if you rush through the game you can complete Gomo in maybe just over an hour. The story is simple and the characters you meet have a simple charm to them and the pace of the game means you'll be able to whiz through it to see the next kooky scene. Some might find the asking price a bit much for a short adventure but Gomo delivers a simple but fun point-'n'-click experience. 

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Gomo does have some real charm in its simple yet appealing visuals and its strange sense of humour, but it is seriously lacking in the gameplay department. It is far too short and even the most inexperienced point and click gamers won't take more than a couple of hours to complete the game. After that there is nothing to really come back to, and neither the puzzles nor the plot are interesting enough to warrant a second play-through. You can see Gomo's indie roots clearly, and maybe it would have found its place better in its original flash-based format.

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If given the choice between Gomo and any other game, choose the latter…even if it hasn't been created yet.

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Probably good for your kids.

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Gomo takes an hour or two to play through. There's nothing wrong with short experiences, and sometimes they're preferred, but when there is nothing special about this game, it is harder to justify a purchase.

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This is not a lengthy title. All in, you're looking at around an hour and a half of game here, which is admittedly not much, even for a budget title. That said, for a meagre price you'll get a charming little world to explore, a cute story set in a dream-like cartoon episode that kids will enjoy and fans of hand-drawn animations will appreciate. Gomo isn't a great example of the genre by any means, but it's nice to look at and a fun little diversion. I found it rather endearing.

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There's little here to keep long-time adventure gamers happy.

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