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Graffiti Games, Space Mace
Oct 11, 2018 - PC, Nintendo Switch

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Joggernauts Coming Oct 11th to Nintendo Switch and Steam thumbnail

Joggernauts Coming Oct 11th to Nintendo Switch and Steam

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Joggernauts Nintendo Switch Announcement

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Joggernauts Teaser 2 - Wishlist on Steam!

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Critic Reviews for Joggernauts

While the presentation is charming and amazing, Joggernauts ultimately fails as a casual party game. With its unfair death mechanics and steep difficulty curve, it's one that will appeal to groups that want a challenge, less so for ones that want to have a fun time.

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Overall, this game is hilariously entertaining. Friends who joined me could not stop raving about how much they loved its cuteness and appeal, and this game had us in absolute hysterics.

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Joggernauts presents a smiling face to the world, bouncing happily in place and waiting for someone to love it. But before long, it rips its mask off and reveals that it is, in fact, a ludicrously difficult game.

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The game isn't for everyone but definitely has its audience. If you're looking for a fast-paced auto-running platformer to play with friends, Joggernauts is probably up your alley. Just don't go in expecting more than a fun, little title to keep yourself entertained with for just a little while.

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Of course, this game is best with, well, a group of friends. Otherwise, while you still may have that same motivation playing the game as an individual, it doesn't feel nearly as rewarding as a team victory. I'm lucky to be a part of groups of people that gather on weekends to play games such as this, and Joggernauts is certainly one that I intend to add to our regular rotation. I think that attempting to play through the whole game as one unit may be too much to ask due to the game's difficulty, but it may be fun in short bursts and a few levels at a time. I won't be too hyperbolic and say something outlandish like “local multiplayer is dying,” but for anyone who may think that, it's wonderful that we have games like Joggernauts to keep that spirit alive.

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Joggernauts may feel different than most games but that should not draw attentions away from the simple fact that this is a fun and challenging game that will make its players grow fond of it. Being even more addictive in multiplayer, Joggernauts allows a fun-for-all fest with four players, making it a good bet for anyone looking for some familiar chaotic fun.

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I wish I had good things to report from my time with Joggernauts, but it was more sour than sweet. While it may hold some fun for the first few levels, the appeal quickly wears off. If you are in the mood for a unique, challenging runner with co-op play, Joggernauts may provide some fun for you. However, you might want to wait for a sale.

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Joggernauts is a stirred mess throughout, and while most of its current issues could be resolved through patches, updates, and perhaps a new platform of choice, it's current Switch version is simply not there yet.

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