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General Information

Available on:PCMar 16, 2017
Nintendo 3DSSep 18, 2014
Nintendo SwitchDec 24, 2018

Publisher: Cinemax

An old-school dungeon crawler with real-time combat. The idea behind The Keep is very simple, to bring the essence and dark atmosphere of RPGs from the past for newcomers and fans of the genre alike. In The Keep you will embark on a quest to explore caves and mines filled with monsters to slain and puzzles to solve underneath and surrounding tower of evil sorcerer. It won’t be easy, you will die. A lot! FEATURES An old-school first-person dungeon crawler with a modern twist. Exploring and puzzle solving—the caves and dungeons are full of surprises. There will be deadly traps, elaborate mechanisms guarding secret passages, trapdoors and treasures with powerful weapons and supplies. Real-time combat—a battle against enemies with a gesture based combat, but swiping horizontally or diagonally is not enough. Defeating enemies means that you have to break their defences hitting the upper or lower body or focusing on their head. Every enemy requires different strategy and every weapon class offers unique combos. Rune magic—you can rearrange runes on a 5×4 board and then chain them together to cast powerful elemental magic (Fire, Ice or Lightning). Runes are scarce but there are a lot of spells, so be careful to pick the right combinations. 3 difficulties. The Keep will offer something for newbies in the genre, seasoned adventurers and for those who like to tackle with proper challenge—every difficulty level will have a Permadeath option. STORYLINE Many have been mesmerized by the blue depths of the Crystals. Those who tried to control them became their slaves. The weak were killed and the strong broken. With ancient knowledge of magic rediscovered old terrors found their way into the Realm and a new nefarious wizard came into being. While the Council hides behind thick stone walls and ignores the Darkness sweeping across the Realm a young warrior comes to face the wizard. He is certainly not the first one to do so... Enter the Keep as an unsung hero on a quest to destroy the nefarious wizard Watrys. Explore the subterranean depths in this first-person dungeon crawler featuring real-time combat, a unique rune magic system, exploration, and puzzle solving. This game will awaken memories of what made old-school RPG dungeons so much fun to play while you fight, hunt for hidden treasures, and avoid deadly traps. Get to know your enemies, find their weaknesses, and crush them. Experiment with magic to discover powerful spells. Only the strongest will survive.

The Keep Critic Reviews

The Keep aims to be a nostalgic romp through classically designed dungeon for people who grew up on Wizardry, and have a hankering for those good old days.

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Even in the strong competition of a new wave of independent dungeon crawlers, The Keep stands out. It offers classic, old-school gameplay and can easily satisfy players looking for this kind of experience.

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The Keep is an overhauled port from the era of the Nintendo DS, and is only held back by this history. The era of swiping with a stylus is over, and a few small control adaptations for the Nintendo Switch would have gone a long way in fixing things – but don’t let that deter you, The Keep is worth playing if you can look past its issues. The melee system swiping mechanic is downright annoying and totally unneeded, but the magic casting and spell building more than make up for it. It might even make you use your noggin’ from time to time as you figure out how to best set up your magic spells. The Keep sits solidly on the high end of the “OK” spectrum, and could easily be “GOOD” if only it could shake away from its dated control scheme.

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