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Rising Star Games, Ground Shatter
Mar 14, 2019 - PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5

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Critic Reviews for RICO

RICO is meant meant to be played in quick bursts of ridiculous action. Spend too long with the game and infinite loop of smashing doors and clearing rooms becomes rather tiresome, but that's fine, not every game has to be an epic that requires you to bring a packed lunch. It may not be the best looking title, and it does have a few technical hiccups, but for a quick hit of over the top action it works really well, even more so if you have a friend to join in.

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RICO has a cracking central idea, but it's strained by awkward mission design, shaky performance, and a whippy aim that often misses the mark.

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A fiendishly compelling re-imagining of the gun-toting cop shows of yore, RICO is an effortlessly playable, highly enjoyable and deceptively clever roguelike FPS that is at it's very best when enjoyed with friends.

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RICO is a rather simple and accessible first person shooter which fits the Nintendo Switch nicely for quick gaming sessions and which also boasts a very long lifespan, thanks to its roguelike structure. While occasionally some of its levels do not quite allow the player to solve them, RICO's wealthy and varied content help make this an enjoyable and its multiplayer component, both local and online, only improves the experience.

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RICO is simple, moreish fun in arcade FPS form; a literal corridor shooter that makes every gunfight a glorious exchange of bullets as you fight your way to the words 'Room cleared' over and over again.

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Overall, Rico has quite a bit in terms of randomized levels and tasks to complete in its roguelike first-person shooter setting. However, the game trips over itself when random placements hinder level progression. These instances become more frustrating as level difficulty ramps up. Still, there's a lot of potential with Rico. I wouldn't mind revisiting the game after a patch or two. As it stands, its a nice addition to the online multiplayer shooter library on Nintendo Switch.

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I found myself pleasantly surprised by RICO, and see myself coming back to it for weeks to come. If you're a fan of either the Borderlands or Payday series, this game is a must try for you.

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Nikki Koolonavich
5 / 10.0

RICO is fun with a friend but don't expect more than a few hours of enjoyment.

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