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Robotality, Chucklefish
Apr 11, 2019 - PC

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Critic Reviews for Pathway

Pathway brings together RPG tactics and roguelite progression with a unique Indiana Jones setting, but it doesn't have the depth to feel replayable.

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Crisp combat let down by boring enemies, repetitive missions and a disconnected story.

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Pathway is a workmanlike XCOM-lite whose breezy tone stumbles into some tired tropes.

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Pathway overall feels like a lite version of a turn-based game, and the monotony sets in fairly quickly. There are no plot twists to keep the story engaging, because there really is no story but rather the shallow foundation of one. Although the game can be beaten in 10 to 20 hours, it's questionable whether many gamers will see it through to the end. It may suck players in for a while, but the game simply is not dynamic enough to maintain interest long term. In the end, Pathway feels all the more dissatisfying because it had such potential. Robotality’s creation can be compared to an itch under the skin that can almost be scratched, but not quite.

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Pathway can count on an outstanding art direction, but there are many issues preventing the players to fully enjoy the game.

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Overall, Pathway is a game for fans of the adventure genre and stands out thanks to its archeological spin. The story is a bit cheesy, but not in a way that feels generic and unoriginal, and traveling through the desert fighting Nazis and cultists while rationing gasoline and supplies is a fun challenge that's not too overwhelming. While it's disappointing that the game suffers from technical issues on occasion, in general, it runs well docked, and offers engaging gameplay that doesn't overstay its welcome on Nintendo Switch.

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Pathway achieves its goal in an excellent way, not adding anything revolutionary to the most traditional formula of its kind but without fully adhering to its structures. The product distances itself from the canons enough to be decidedly deserving: bluntly recommended to fans of the genre, who for about ten hours will be able to surprise themselves at every new crossroads, living with curiosity every event, every clash and every new random discovery.

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Pathway is a competent game. Just competent. Definitely not great, maybe not even good, but certainly competent. It's blend of randomized storytelling and XCOM-style combat is well done, but it doesn't prove to remain consistently entertaining in the long run. Those of you who are absolutely starved for this kind of game may want to cautiously investigate. Otherwise, just pick up the XCOM 2 Collection or Mario + Rabbids for a much more enjoyable take on the genre.

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