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Samurai Punk
Apr 5, 2019 - PC, Nintendo Switch

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Critic Reviews for Feather

Feather is easy to pick up and play and will appeal to those who are looking to unwind without the stresses of combat or having to adhere to a set of rules. While there are no goals to speak of, this also means you can hop in or out for a quick flight around the islands without the worry of having to save your progress.

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Feather sets out to create the most relaxing and calming experience you can have in a game. With its varied yet mellow and uplifting soundtrack, its basic yet brightly colored visuals, and the great detail that goes into the rustling of the birds feathers, it can be quite a joy to soar through the air and practice trench runs through the cave tunnels. However, in designing a game to relax it’s also made with no stakes and no threats, so much of the serenity you experience after the initial elation of flight is from not feeling like there is an imminent threat at all.

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If you want a mindless game that will give you an opportunity to just get lost in thought as you move the thumbsticks of your Joy-Con around without much care, then Feather is pretty decent. But something this low on content gets stale pretty quickly, despite its beauty.

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A serene and pleasant attempt at a relaxation experience that's let down by Switch performance issues and a steep cost of entry

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While I like the intent that Feather brings to the table, its ideas are implemented in a subpar fashion. This is a proof of concept, whose asking price doesn't reflect its current modest state. I can't recommend it unless a sizable update arrives to unlock its potential.

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I enjoyed my short time with Feather but there isn’t enough here really to make me want to go back to it. Flying around, seeing the sights, and listening to the different music was relaxing but that’s all I can really say about it. It’s priced pretty fairly though so if you’re looking to spend a little while just soaring around as a bird this might be for you.

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It would be nice if the game offered some guidance or a simple mission structure to give you more purpose, but as Feather is right now, it’s enjoyable if you go in knowing it’s a short, relaxing, simplistic experience.

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Digitally Downloaded

Unknown Author
Digitally Downloaded

Feather is a beautiful, soulful experience, which is sadly too limited for its own good.

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