The Swords of Ditto: Mormo's Curse

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Mighty Man

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8 / 10.0
May 16, 2019

Mormo's Curse is a good expansion. The spirit of The Swords of Ditto is still intact, but new modes, enemies and areas offer a satisfying challenge for both old and new players.

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8 / 10.0
May 29, 2019

The Swords of Ditto: Mormo's Curse may have some room for improvement but provides a lot of a joy and endless hours of gameplay. It's fun and darn right adorable and that's enough for me!

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9.5 / 10.0
Jun 4, 2019

The Swords Of Ditto: Mormo's Curse a very fun RPG that's well thought out and excellently put together. For RPG and Zelda fans, this is a must-have for a modern take on a retro theme.

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Nick Benefield
Jun 20, 2019

My time with The Swords of Ditto: Mormo’s Curse was undeniably an enjoyable one. I was initially attracted to the art style alone, but I found the game as a whole to be equally as appealing. Despite the formula occasionally feeling a bit repetitive, my roughly 25 hours of playtime left me feeling very satisfied. I can’t speak for the original base version of this game, but the updated version feels like a well-polished product. It’s also worth noting that this game can either be played alone or with one additional co-op player. Sadly, I did not get a chance to test that functionality but I can easily see multiplayer adding an additional layer of entertainment. The Nintendo eShop listing for Swords of Ditto is priced at $14.99 and I think that is a very fair price for what you’re receiving. If you enjoy games with lots of bright, vibrant colors, cartoon art styles, puzzle-oriented dungeons, and a wide variety of customization options, this one is definitely worth your time.

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3.5 / 5.0
Jun 17, 2019

Aside from a mild fatigue from repetition near the end, occasional long load times between zones and the frustratingly designed Nemesis curse, everything about The Swords of Ditto: Mormo’s Curse comes together in one strongly designed package.

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6.7 / 10.0
May 21, 2019

The Swords of Ditto Mormo’s Curse on Switch is decent but doesn’t quite stick the landing. It’s good in short bursts and may tide you over until Link’s Awakening, but it certainly won’t replace it

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