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Gunlord X

May 22, 2019 - Nintendo Switch

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The Games Machine
8.4 / 10
Nintendo Life
8 / 10
Pure Nintendo
7 / 10
8.5 / 10
8 / 10
Worth Playing
8 / 10
Video Chums
4 / 5
7 / 10
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Gunlord X for Nintendo Switch - Release Trailer (22nd May 2019)

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Critic Reviews for Gunlord X

Gunlord X is an absolutely excellent Turrican clone, recreated with love on a new platform without laziness and with the desire to offer the best possible experience.

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Nintendo Life

Ollie Reynolds
8 / 10
Nintendo Life

If you're a fan of classic run 'n' gun action games, then Gunlord X is an absolute pleasure to play from start to finish. It joins the ranks of must-own retro-inspired titles for the Switch, delivering blistering action, stunning visuals and an absolutely stellar soundtrack. It could be argued that there's little originality on offer and the longevity of the game is also questionable thanks to the fact that it's 'built' like an old-school coin-op release, but honestly, when the experience is this good, it seems churlish to grumble.

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Gunlord X although at times what seemed difficult was still a fun run 'n' gun game. The variety of weapons and stages was a warm welcome, making it worth the asking price of $9.99.

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Gunlord X is probably the greatest spiritual successor to the Run 'N Gun games of yore like Contra and Turrican. The adventure is rather short, but the style is beautiful, the bosses and levels are varied, and there are many secrets to unlock. Do yourself a favor and spend the $10 to have a high intensity nostalgic afternoon.

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Gamers may not remember Turrican. Thankfully, Gunlord X is here to fill that gap inside everyone's soul, which only fast-paced 2D action can fill. Not since Sonic Mania has a throw-back retro style game been pulled off with this much panache and style. While it may not be lengthy, it is hard to let go of the controller because playing as Gunlord just feels so good and the wake of destruction he can leave feels so satisfying.

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Gunlord X shows everyone else what the hardcore fans already knew: the NG:DEV.TEAM is fully capable of delivering an authentic, white-knuckle, retro-shooting experience. The action is constant but not overwhelming, and your arsenal feels varied, with none of the weapons ever feeling useless. The boss fights are fun, while the level design mixes in a good deal of exploration. Really, the only complaint is that there's nothing to bring you back once you finally beat the game, but considering how enjoyable the journey is, that isn't a big deal. Shooting fans are going to have a really good time with Gunlord X.

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Gamers who enjoy retro run 'n' gun games will get a huge kick out of Gunlord X with its grueling stages and rewarding boss fights.

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If you've been waiting for a new Super Turrican adventure on modern consoles, wait no longer.

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