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Available on:Oculus RiftMay 21, 2019
HTC ViveMay 21, 2019
PlayStation VRApr 30, 2019

Developer: FitXR

Genre: Sports


Workouts by fitness experts
We are advised by a team of leading fitness instructors who help us produce a variety of regularly updated boxing workouts, specifically designed to destroy calories! From short 3 minute warm ups to 20+ minute endurance workouts, we’ve got the everything you need to give you a fantastic cardio workout!

Track your progress
We record every workout so you can see how many calories you've burned over time. Our players burn approximately 1 million calories a week. Regular cardio exercise can lead to a fitter, healthier lifestyle.

Train with your music
Want to box to Samba? Kpop? Maybe a bit of Ska? If you are in the mood for something a bit different then why not make your own workout? With our Workout Generator you can analyze your music and create workouts that satisfy your every musical mood.

Workout Music Variety
Choose from a variety of different music tracks by real artists. From Rock to Pop, Dance to Hip Hop, we’ve got the music that will get you boxing to your favourite beats!

We aim to make BoxVR the best fitness game possible and our goal is to change lives for the better. We are constantly improving BoxVR with new Workouts, Moves and Features.


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BoxVR - Full Release Trailer

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PSVR - BoxVR Launch Trailer

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PlayStation Universe

8.5 / 10.0
John-Paul Jones

Seemingly long overdue, PSVR has finally gotten its killer exercise app in BoxVR, a frankly hellacious workout that turns your living room into a gym bootcamp. It doesn't get much more intense, or sweatier, than this.

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The Outerhaven Productions

The Outerhaven Productions

BoxVR is incredibly unique in that it aims to help its players get in shape and burn calories first and foremost while being a game second. That's not to say that it isn't fun, it's incredibly engaging and the huge assortment of excellently-paced routines offer enough variety to make it worth coming back to on a regular basis. This game sets a very high bar for VR fitness, and it has found its way into my daily routine.

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