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Dandy Dungeon

Onion Games
Jun 27, 2019 - Nintendo Switch

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Dandy Dungeon ~Legend of Brave Yamada~ Trailer (Nintendo Switch, 2019) thumbnail

Dandy Dungeon ~Legend of Brave Yamada~ Trailer (Nintendo Switch, 2019)

Dandy Dungeon ~Legend of Brave Yamada~ Trailer (Mobile, 2017) thumbnail

Dandy Dungeon ~Legend of Brave Yamada~ Trailer (Mobile, 2017)

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Critic Reviews for Dandy Dungeon

Dandy Dungeon: Legend of Brave Yamada is a fun, unique and genuinely funny game. It manages to keep you entertained throughout its playtime with a mix of solid jokes and excellent gameplay, and unlike so many games that jump from mobile to Switch, it works perfectly on the system. It's a delight and one that you'll find yourself hooked on. Also, down with capitalism and billionaire CEOs.

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This dungeon crawling RPG builds upon familiar mechanics to craft something fresh and new.

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While a little reliant on grinding near the end, Dandy Dungeon: Legend of Brave Yamada is a delightful little tongue-in-cheek RPG with a little heart and a lot of laughs. Its simple yet engrossing gameplay system mixed with fun puzzle mechanics and cute presentation make this a wonderful Switch title to play on the go.

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Its plot and concept definitely stand out and fortunately for Dandy Dungeon, the result is a very good one, as its gameplay mechanics, actions and competitiveness easily make it an experience that anyone who wants something original will absolutely cherish and appreciate.

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Having shaken off the free-to-play nature of its origins – Yamada had a set amount of stamina on mobile, meaning he could only code his game for a certain amount of time each day – Dandy Dungeon embraces all of the brilliant little quirks that make it a great game in its own right.

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When story, mechanics and general weirdness and humor are taken all together it adds up to a wonderfully-unforgettable RPG about making an RPG.  The story feeds into the game and the game leeches into the story until the two are utterly inseparable, but even if they could be divided the dungeon crawling is incredibly playable.

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"Dandy Dungeon ~Legend of the Brave Yamada~" is hilarious and fun! Anyone in the family can pick this game up and have a good time. This game is best played by lovers of humor and RPGs.

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Dandy Dungeon – Legend of Brave Yamada is an irreverent and extremely silly yet enjoyable take on classic gaming themes and tropes, all bundled into a package that only Kimura and his team could produce. The game has quite a lot of charm, and really cannot be properly experienced or explained properly until you’ve played it yourself.

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