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Blade II - The Return Of Evil

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Available on:Nintendo SwitchJun 18, 2019


Brace yourself for the ultimate action! The shadow of evil looms over the peaceful realm of Elysium once more. The Destiny of Light calls upon you to become the savior of Elysium. Play your role as Gladiator, Assassin, Wizard, and Fighter to avenge the innocent and bring an end to the tragedy for good. Fight to survive and survive to fight. Blade 2 is a fast-paced, responsive action RPG that requires players to learn the patterns of enemies and master the timing of counter attacks and dodges. Your skills above all else will determine your success. Our combat system is simple to pick up but can only be mastered by the skillful and the dedicated. Find and perfect your favorite play style, optimize your skill trees, find the most powerful gear, and dominate your foes. Fight without fear. You are the last hope. A live action RPG, right in your hands. FEATURES - 4 stylish Classes - Gladiator, Assassin, Wizard, and Fighter - Progress through different regions to fight against multiple bosses - Challenge yourself against endless waves of enemies to win the rarest of gears - Master timing your counter attacks and dodges to beat enemies without getting hit

Blade II - The Return Of Evil Critic Reviews

While there are a fair few top-down dungeon crawlers and action RPGs on Switch today, there's always room for more – especially when they fly in the face of mobile gaming's unpredictable quality levels. And while Blade II's aesthetic is nothing new – in fact, we'd say Bloodborne and The Witcher III are really having their style cramped – the quality of its presentation and performance on Switch really makes up for it. Its slick and fast combat has plenty of depth to offer, but it's let down by samey and uncreative level designs that repeat themselves far too often.

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Blade II is a great example of what happens when you let a content-driven business make a content-driven game. There's plenty in there to do, but doing any of it is a complete waste of time.

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Blade II isn’t the best, but it does offer some worthwhile charms.

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Blade II: The Return of Evil is a mobile born game that has been revamped and introduced to the Switch for its second instalment.

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