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Spike Chunsoft Co., FURYU Corporation
Aug 27, 2019 - PlayStation 4, PC, PlayStation 5

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Hardcore Gamer
3.5 / 5
God is a Geek
5.5 / 10
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PlayStation LifeStyle
8 / 10
90 / 100
Daily Mirror
3 / 5
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65 / 100
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Crystar Trailers

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CRYSTAR - Gameplay Trailer | PS4 and Steam (PC)

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CRYSTAR Announcement Trailer | PS4 & Steam (PC)

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Critic Reviews for Crystar

Crystar pairs an original and compelling story with fairly average gameplay.

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Crystar runs really well on the Switch, but is held back by poor combat and level design.

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Cameron Hawkins
7 / 10.0

Crystar is a competent Action RPG with a compelling narrative but suffers due to mostly everything else it has to offer.

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CRYSTAR won’t be competing with Devil May Cry in the video game as video game-ass video game department, but as a story it absolutely earned its spot on my shelf.

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Crystar is a great action-RPG with some fascinating twists. Crying is not only a key aspect to boosting your strength in battle, but it enables you to create more powerful gear. Be prepared for mentions of tragic and depressing topics, but remember that they work to enforce the ideas of "showing your emotions as a strength" and the sometimes overlooked issues that others face each day.

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It’s fair to say that there aren’t many emotionally driven games like Crystar on the market, and it excels in creating a heartfelt experience from start to finish. The battle mechanics and gameplay systems have been tailored well to keep in tune with the game's themes. For its relatively short duration, there is an admiral amount of content that will see the completionist looking to finish the memoirs of the dead. However, Crystar can feel really repetitive with its constant reuse of reskinned enemies and level designs which can be frustrating at times.

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Unknown Author
6 / 10

Crystar is a good story with serious themes and interesting characters, which gets bogged down in a swamp of dull one-button gameplay, monotonous corridors, the same opponents and artificially prolonged gameplay. If the developers reduced the length to 10 hours, corrected the camera and combat mechanics, or simply released a visual novel, thousands of players would be much happier.

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Unfortunately, with the less than stellar combat mechanics, the lack of enemy variety and the lack of differentiating dungeons, it may not entice players who also want fluid gameplay. However for fans who do like narrative-driven and linear games along with dark themes and gorgeous designs, then this is definitely a title that should be added to your library.

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