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Available on:PCAug 26, 2019

Developers:, Mad Head Games

Revisit your grandma’s fairy tales with a two handed battle axe. Quest for glory and the treasures of the absent Gods in this brutal fast-paced hack and slash game, which you can play solo or co-operatively. COMBAT – HARD AND FAST Pop in and out of the Pantheon easily for quick bouts of satisfying combat, which is easy to pick up but difficult to master – good to keep in mind after your 108th death. Alongside the eight acts of story campaign, there are five other game modes to wreak havoc in, either lone wolf style or with a fellow Pagan. Normal, Hard, and Master difficulties await you. How confident are you feeling? Control fate however you like – whether it be WASD, click to move, or using a controller. LOOT – WIELD WICKED WEAPONS We all love it and enemies love to drop it (they don’t). Further tailor your builds with items you pry from dead demon hands and the unique crafting and reforging system of the Drevna Kutia. Utilize set bonuses from the different Schools of Magic and Legendary and Fabled weapons of unbridled might. PROGRESSION – 10 FLAVORS OF COMBAT Play and master up to 10 heroes, each with their own unique playstyle and sprawling ability tree; from a God-touched blind kid with a beary powerful best friend, to a cult escapee who consumes blood to continue living a life of sleeping with one eye open, to a rebel gunslinger whose pet rats help him set up turrets on the battlefield. CUSTOMIZATION – SLAY IN STYLE Here, we’re firm believers in doing things with a bit of added flair, so suit up in your favorite skins, bring your best pet along for the ride, and collect item sets for boosts to your kit and your wardrobe.

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PC Gamer

Unknown Author
68 / 100
PC Gamer

Fun hero designs and solid combat offer a promising start, but it needs to shed its grind and borderline game-breaking bugs.

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Pagan Online is a Diablo-like hack-and-slash RPG with an alright story. The gameplay is enjoyable, but it's lacking in other regards such as shops, an open world, and so on. It's a nice cheaper alternative to Diablo if you don't mind the lack of depth.

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Pagan Online's fast-paced action is weighed down by its disappointing lack of depth. If you want the thrill of being trapped in a barrel full of monsters all day, this game is for you. If not, then it's best to look elsewhere.

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7 / 10.0

There's a great game trying to show its face in Pagan Online. Some questionable design choices stop it from realizing its full potential. There is no conceivable reason to have the classes gated off; the crafting system could be entirely removed and no one would even notice.

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