Risk of Rain 2

Hopoo Games, Gearbox Publishing

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Risk of Rain 2

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General Information

Available on:PlayStation 4Aug 30, 2019
Xbox OneAug 30, 2019
PCAug 11, 2020
Nintendo SwitchNov 15, 2019

Developer: Hopoo Games

Publisher: Gearbox Publishing

Genre: Action

Co-op roguelike action The classic multiplayer roguelike, Risk of Rain, returns with an extra dimension and more challenging action. No run will ever be the same with randomized stages, enemies, bosses, and items. Play solo, or team up with up to four friends to fight your way through hordes of monsters, unlock new loot, and find a way to escape the planet. Constant battles and incredible bosses With each run, you'll learn the patterns of your foes, and even the longest odds can be overcome with enough skill. A unique scaling system means both you and your foes limitlessly increase in power over the course of a game--what once was a bossfight will in time become a common enemy. Old favorites return and undiscovered challenges await Myriad survivors, items, enemies, and bosses return to Risk 2, and many new ones are joining the fight. Brand new survivors like the Artificer and MUL-T debut alongside classic survivors such as the Engineer, Huntress, and--of course--the Commando. With over 75 items to unlock and exploit, each run will keep you cleverly strategizing your way out of sticky situations. KEY FEATURES Play four player co-op seamlessly Unlock over 75 items over time, keeping each run fresh and full of new challenges Play and unlock new and returning survivors, each with their own abilities to master Theorycraft and exploit endless item and character combos Encounter challenging monsters and enormous bosses Explore massive, handcrafted 3D levels Discover lore through the collection of Monster, Item, and Environment Logs Challenge your friends—and the world—in all-new Prismatic Trials, a unique seeded run where everyone can race up a global leaderboard

Risk of Rain 2 Reviews

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It’s clear that just like the original, Risk of Rain 2 is a labor of love and if you’re a gamer who likes supporting independent titles, this is a great one to pick up.

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Even in its relatively unfinished state, Risk of Rain 2 proves to be an exceptionally well-designed take on the gameplay that made its predecessor popular.

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The content that’s in the game right now shows a lot of promise, but it is unquestionably missing some content that will make it feel fleshed out.

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Risk of Rain 2 is a perfect 3D translation of the 2D side-scroller it's based on.

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Risk of Rain 2 - Early Access Launch Trailer

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Risk of Rain 2 Teaser Trailer

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