Rage 2 - Rise of the Ghosts

Bethesda Softworks
Sep 26, 2019 - PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5

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IGN Italy
7 / 10
68 / 100
6.7 / 10
PSX Brasil
60 / 100
Saving Content
3 / 5
Skewed & Reviewed
4 / 5
6.5 / 10
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Rage 2 - Rise of the Ghosts Media

RAGE 2 – Rise of the Ghosts Official Launch Trailer thumbnail

RAGE 2 – Rise of the Ghosts Official Launch Trailer

Critic Reviews for Rage 2 - Rise of the Ghosts

Rise of the ghosts is a more of the same of Rage 2 with all the related strengths and weaknesses of Avalanche Studios. But with such a gunplay, it is difficult not to have fun.

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Rage 2’s Rise of The Ghosts DLC is either more of what you loved or hated, in generous portions.

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Unknown Author
6.7 / 10.0

Rise of the Ghost is the first DLC of RAGE 2: it tells a new story and offers new missions, but looks like a more of the same and a portion of the game ripped off from the original game.

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The DLC Rise of the Ghosts offers an experience extremely similar to the base game without adding anything that makes it stand out. It's a good recommendation for those that loved the base game and want more content.

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This expansion uses many retired philosophies about adding landmasses that wasn’t there before. The expansion feels too isolated from the main game in a lot of ways. It doesn’t really add anything to the experience, and the time away has not done the game good, despite its updates. With Borderlands 3 now out, and DOOM Eternal around the corner, RAGE 2 doesn’t quite fit anymore. It’s still a really fun game, but it’s starting to feel like it has worn out its welcome. I wouldn’t recommend you go out of your way to pick this up, but if you bought the Deluxe Edition or have the RAGE coins, Rise of the Ghosts is an okay way to spend your time.

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Skewed & Reviewed

Unknown Author
Skewed & Reviewed

While there is nothing radically new and different, the core gameplay is enjoyable and the campaign can be completed in a few hours leaving a few side missions and unexplored areas to take in. While I would not say that Rise of the Ghosts alone is worth the price of the DLC; as a first entry it is a worthy one and extends the life and enjoyment of RAGE 2.

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This DLC fails to overcome the criticisms that dragged down the original game. The story is short and without surprises and mostly relies on some fun side quests. Luckily the gunplay is still as amazing as it was back in May and thanks to some welcome new additions the gameplay only gets better.

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