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General Information

Available on:PCNov 26, 2018
Nintendo SwitchNov 7, 2019

Developer: Dotoyou Games

Publisher: CIRCLE Entertainment

Genre: Adventure

Incredible Mandy explores the memories of a brother and sister, buried deeply within their dreams; every dream represents an untold secret. Experience a fantastic adventure across vast landscapes. From mountain peaks to deep canyons, from sea shores to hidden corridors, search for clues and solve innovative puzzles; use the sword in your hand and the wisdom of your mind to challenge overwhelming foes. Can you pierce through the mist of dreams and discover the unexpected truth? FEATURES Elaborate Environmental Puzzles Explore eight radically different levels, each filled with dozens of puzzles. Every puzzle is designed around a level’s unique environment; to solve the puzzles you need to master mechanics and learn from progress. Outwit Your Foes in Boss Fights Use your wisdom to triumph in 8 compelling boss fights. The most important rule: Don’t try to win solely by force. Each boss has weaknesses. They’re easy to spot, but knowing when and how to exploit them is the key to effectively overcoming these deadly foes. Recover Long Lost Memories There are many treasure chests scattered throughout the game world, and they’re sometimes difficult to find. Once opened you will earn precious pieces of memories. Collect them and unveil the complete picture of a touching story, and the secrets of Mandy and her older brother. Incredible Mandy delivers a creative, innovative and exciting adventure, offering about 15 hours of gameplay in a typical playthrough.

Incredible Mandy Critic Reviews

I can't say Incredible Mandy is a bad game per se, but it is underwhelming and less than the sum of its parts. On sale, this might be an okay title for those who can embrace its mechanics and pacing. But I didn't enjoy most of its puzzles, and puzzles are its main offering.

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Aside from the clunky controls and tedious animations, nothing about the game is really offensive, but there's just no hook that managed to keep me invested up to the end. The aesthetic is overall eye-catching, but it can't hide the fact that Incredible Mandy is simply not that incredible. There's nothing wrong with a simple game, but simplicity only works if there's a high level of polish to back it up.

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Incredible Mandy is a great example of design by subtraction, focusing on puzzle-solving and atmosphere and eschewing mechanics which do not contribute to the developer’s singular vision. The result is a game which evokes a particularly introspective sensation in the player – if they are able to afford the game their patience and attention despite the lack of combat or narrative tension, then they will be met with rewarding puzzles and a comforting mood.

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As much as I like twisty-turny stories, they have to at least be vaguely coherent, and Incredible Mandy layers so many strange plot developments onto each other that it’s borderline impossible to get a sense of what this game is actually about. The gameplay similarly suffers from some pretty serious issues, most notably an unwieldy camera prone to undermining your platforming with unexpected teleports and boss fights that are equal parts confusing and tedious.

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