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Dead Rising 3: Operation Broken Eagle

Microsoft Game Studios
Jan 21, 2014 - Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S

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Critic Reviews for Dead Rising 3: Operation Broken Eagle

Extremely short, extremely dull, and extremely expensive for what it is. Dead Rising 3 may not be the greatest launch game ever but it deserves better than this.

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Sadly, there are no worthwhile extras to entice you to get Broken Eagle in particular. For starters, there is no multiplayer allowed within the DLC -- period. Capcom says this is because they want to isolate the stories as a single-player experience, but after playing the first offering, my response would be "what story?" Thankfully, there are five new weapons and a vehicle (which can be used in the core game), with the standout of course being the minigun, which should please a few of the die-hard fans out there who want more sandbox goodies.As it stands, there is literally no reason to get Broken Eagle. It's criminally short, you can't enjoy it with a friend, there are no real benefits if your character is maxed out from already playing the core game, and it doesn't add to the overarching lore in any meaningful way. Hopefully the other Season Pass offerings will be an improvement, since we still have three to go.

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All in all, this eagle has landed on some seriously shaky ground. Short, boring, and reeking of "been there, done that," this first episode in the series feels like a poor value as a one-off $9.99 purchase or as part of $29.99 season pass. However, if you're looking for a helping hand to get to level 50 outside of grinding through the main game, you can at least count on racking up a few PP. Maybe future episodes will aim to make our stay in Los Perdidos a little more exciting.

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While the main story line of Operation Broken Eagle is woefully short, there's a healthy amount of side content to keep you busy. A lack of cooperative play is a disappointment, and only minor aesthetic differences separate this downloadable content from the main game.

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As an overall idea, the premise of playing as bit-part characters from the main campaign, and discovering more of their back-story is a clever hook. The way in which the DLC manages to integrate itself into the canon is successful, and makes you excited about who else we might get to play as. Unfortunately there is just too little content and not enough character or story development to recommend Operation Broken Eagle wholeheartedly. As part of the Season Pass, it provides a nice excuse to jump back into Los Perdidos for a few more hours, but I do hope that the forthcoming episodes delve a little deeper into the lives of their protagonists, providing a little more to get your teeth into.

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Short and not particularly sweet, Operation Broken Eagle is an unimpressive first stab at giving Dead Rising 3 some worthwhile DLC.

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All in all, is this DLC worth $10? That depends on how much you want to revisit Los Perditos. The additional content is more than worth it to those who loved it, but for those lukewarm to the game, I'd wait a bit and see whether the next episode is compelling and then consider looking at getting this episode in the $30 four-episode season pass instead. The action is the same, the perspective is interesting, but the new content is over so quickly that it really doesn't have the pull that it needs to make Operation: Broken Eagle a must-have.

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Dead Rising 3's first DLC pack, Operation Broken Eagle, takes a great idea and does little with it that feels fresh or original.

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