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Monkey Barrels

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General Information

Available on:Nintendo SwitchNov 7, 2019

Publisher: Good-Feel

Genre: Action

"In a world ruled by the consumer electronics giant Crabbenwold Electro, a pair of brave monkeys set out on a journey to rescue their kidnapped friends from an evil army of robot appliances!" In addition to a 22-stage story mode, there's also an online competitive mode! Features 3D pixel art that puts a fresh spin on old-school graphics! Tons of fun and challenging stages await you! - 98 different types of weapons to use! From your standard weapons to the most unique, equip up to 4 items and take advantage of their strengths to beat the toughest stages! - Monkey vs. monkey! Online matches with up to 6 players! Decide who's the #1 Boss Monkey in Banana Scramble! The rules are simple: whoever picks up the most bananas wins! Please note that online services may be suspended without notice.

Monkey Barrels Reviews

Monkey Barrels is a great twin-stick shooter that perhaps plays it a little too safe at times.

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Monkey Barrels - Official 2nd Trailer - Game Details

Monkey Barrels - Official Trailer thumbnail

Monkey Barrels - Official Trailer

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