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Actual Sunlight

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General Information

Available on:Nintendo SwitchJan 28, 2020
PlayStation VitaAug 11, 2015
PCApr 3, 2014

Developer: WZOGI

Genre: Adventure

“I know what you’re thinking: Why keep getting up, day in and day out, even though your life is going nowhere?” Notorious: Widely considered to be one of the bleakest and best-written experiences in indie gaming, Actual Sunlight challenges you to confront the life of Evan Winter: An overweight, lonely and severely depressed young professional. Fear the words, not the reading: Presented almost entirely in text, a mixture of sharp observation and pitch black humor captures your interest from provocative beginning to shattering conclusion. Prepare yourself: Actual Sunlight is a uniquely unforgettable adventure that will etch itself into you as one of the most difficult, haunting and beautiful experiences you have ever had as a gamer.

Actual Sunlight Reviews

Actual Sunlight is a story worth experiencing, even if the format chosen to tell this tale is a little rough around the edges.

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